Form W-2C E-file Product Information

Ideal for filing less than 50 employees.

You can enter the company, the employee and the W-2c information completely online. To make changes to a previously filed W-2 or W-2c, both the “previously reported” and the “correct” information are required.

For example, if you want to correct the total wage amount in box 1, you need to enter both the previously box 1 amount and the correct box 1 amount. Only enter the amounts you want to change. You do not need to enter anything to boxes you are not changing.

If you need to change the employer information (EIN, etc.), you need to prepare a W-2c to void the previously issued W-2. The W-2c will have the same information (wrong EIN, etc.) as shown on the W-2, except all of the “correct” amounts are “0”. You will then prepare another W-2c with the correct employer information and the correct amount (previously reported amounts are all “0”s). If you are not late, you can just issue a new and correct W-2.


For correction beyond 3 prior years, the SSA may not process the efiled data and request additional back-up information. For example, a settlement agreement from the IRS may be sufficient.

If your organization needs to file a large number of W-2c to correct any information, including FICA refund for medical residents, etc, you can use the Excel batch data upload or contact us for more information.

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