Form W-2/W-2C Using Excel - Product Information

Ideal for filing a large number of W-2c forms.

Send the W-2c information in Excel worksheet, .txt or .csv file to prepare and efile a large number of W-2cs.

Create an Excel worksheet with the employee information and all corrections required. Each row represents a W-2c and each column is one data field on the W-2c. For example, the worksheet will have columns for SSN, first name, middle initial, last name, address, city, state, zip, prior box 1, correct box1, prior box 16, correct box 16 and any information that you want printed on the W-2c.

When you upload the Excel worksheet, you will be asked to “map” the columns to a W-2c on the screen. Essentially, you will pick the column heading (title) at each box on the W-2c so the system will read all the rows correctly to create the W-2c.

If you need to change the employer information (EIN, etc.), you need to void all previously issued W-2s. The worksheet will have the same information as shown on the previously issued W-2s, including the wrong EIN, while all of the “correct” amounts are “0”. You can then prepare another set of W-2c with the correct employer information and the correct amounts (previously reported amounts are all “0”s). If you are not late, you can just issue new and correct W-2s.


For correction beyond 3 prior years, the SSA may not process the efiled data and request additional back-up information. For example, a settlement agreement from the IRS may be sufficient.

If your organization needs to file a large number of W-2c to correct any information, including FICA refund for medical residents, etc, the Excel upload is the most efficient method.

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