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What is PIN Application for Form 941/940? (back to top)

The IRS 941/940/944 eFile program requires a signature PIN. It is as if the filer is signing the form with a PIN. The Business Taxpayer PIN is a 10-digit number that is different from PINs of other IRS programs (EFTPS PIN, EFIN, ETIN, etc.). This PIN is only good for form 941/940/944 efile.

How do I apply for PIN? (back to top)

You can apply a business taxpayer PIN from our website. We will send the application to the IRS electronically. The IRS will verify the company information then mail a letter with a 10-digit PIN to the contact person in a few weeks.

Can I e-File form 941/940/944 if I do not have a PIN now? (back to top)

You can enter a random 10-digit number and we will submit your e-File to the IRS, though the e-File will be rejected. You will still need to print, sign and mail a copy of the form to the IRS. Alternatively, if you have paid all taxes, you can revise and resubmit a rejected form 941 after you receive the PIN. We can back-file form 941 up to 4 quarters.

Do I need multiple PINs for multiple Businesses? (back to top)

Yes, each business (EIN) needs a 10-digit PIN of its own. You can prepare and submit multiple PIN applications from our website. Tax professionals managing multiple business clients can apply for Reporting Agent PIN. However, the application is made directly through the IRS and all clients must sign form 8655 authorizing the tax professional to e-File for them.

What is the difference between a Business Taxpayer PIN and a Reporting Agent PIN? (back to top)

Business Taxpayer PIN is used for one company (EIN) only. It is intended for individual businesses to e-file their own payroll tax returns.

Reporting Agent PINs are for tax professionals managing a large number of clients. A Reporting Agent PIN is tied to all of its client EINs and it is the responsibility of the Reporting agent to maintain the list of clients at the IRS.

How to apply for a Reporting Agent PIN? (back to top)

The PIN is applied from the IRS directly. Please visit the IRS website and e-Services for more details on the requirements.

Can a Reporting Agent (tax professional) e-File through www.eSmartPayroll.com? (back to top)

Yes, Reporting Agents can prepare forms online at eSmartPayroll. Tax professionals with reporting agent PINs can also upload batch data files for multiple companies.

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