FAQs: Form W-2c

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What is Form W2C? (back to top)

Form W2C is used to make corrections on W2s already issued. The form is used to make any and all corrections on previously issued W2s from current or past years.

W2C form is prepared by entering both the previously erroneous information and the correct information. For data you do not want to correct, you should not included it in the W2C form (only include the data you want to correct).

When should I use Form W2C? (back to top)

Unlike W2 form, W2C is issued on as-needed basis. After W2s are issued and reported to the SSA, you need to use W2C to make any and all changes to the original W2.

There is no specific deadline for filing W2C. However, the recipient (employee) will want it corrected so he or she can file the tax return without questions from the IRS.

Similar to W2, if you issue more than 250 W2Cs, you are required to file the W2Cs electronically.

How do I prepare and e-file W2Cs ? (back to top)

You can prepare and e-file W2Cs online at our website completely, or you can prepare an Excel data file with W-2c information then upload the e-file data file through our website to the SSA.

If I e-file Form W2C, what should I do with Form W3C? (back to top)

If you e-file the W2C information, form W3C is not required. It is included as part of the data we sent to the SSA. You may want to print or prepare a copy of the W-3 for your record. It is basically a summary of all W-2c in the batch.

How do I print employee copies of W2C for distribution? (back to top)

Once you have completed the W-2c eFile checkout process, our system will create PDF copies of the W-2c in your account. You can print PDF copies on plain paper for distribution to the employees. You also have the option to request us to print and mail the copies to all employees for a fee.

If you upload many W-2c forms in an Excel file, it may take up to 24 hours for our system to generate the PDF copies. If you can not find the PDF copies right after your data upload, please come back to retrieve the copies later. If you prepare and filed online, you should be able to download PDF copies immediately.

Why is the printing area beyond the printer margin? Can I correct it? (back to top)

Though rarely happens, if you see a message stating that the printed area is beyond the printer margin, let it continue. Because we need to control the precise location of the data on each form, we had to design the form beyond the desktop printer margin. You will not be able to change the margin to accommodate the margin requirements. This may happen if you use an InkJet printer. Laser printers typically have no issue at all.

If I use online e-file, can I print employee copies to distribute to the employees? (back to top)

If you prepare and e-file W2Cs online at our website, you will be able to print employee copies for distribution after you have completed the checkout process.

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