FAQs: Form 1099-MISC Correction

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What is Form 1099-MISC Correction? (back to top)

If you need to make changes to a previously issued 1099-MISC, you will use the standard 1099-MISC form but mark it as Corrected. Depending on the type of errors to be corrected, e-File of a 1099-MISC correction is either a One-Step or a Two-Step process.

For detailed instructions on the preparation and use of the 1099-MISC form for correction, please refer to the IRS form and Publication 1220.

How do I prepare and e-file a 1099-MISC Correction? (back to top)

The easiest way to prepare and e-file a 1099-Misc correction is to prepare and e-file from our website, www.eSmartPayroll.com.

If I e-file a 1099-MISC correction, what should I do with Form 1096? (back to top)

If you e-file the 1099-MISC correction information, form 1096 is not required. If you use paper file , then you need to file a 1096 as well. Refer to Publication 1220 for specific instructions relating to the 1099-MISC correction process.

If I use online e-file, can I print additional copies for the payee? (back to top)

If you prepare and e-file 1099-MISCs online at our website, you will be able to print the additional copies for distribution. Additional copies of the return will be made available after submission for efile.

Can I import data into eSmartForm 1099-MISC correction so I do not have to re-type the information? (back to top)

Currently, we do not have a specific Excel utility to import data for the 1099-misc correction. If you have a large number of 1099-MISC corrections, please contact us for a quote for a custom job.

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