FAQs: California Form DE9C

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How can I e-file Form DE9C? (back to top)

eSmart Payroll has worked with the EDD and developed several EDD approved, simple, and convenient solutions for you to file form DE6 to the EDD electronically.

  1. DE9C Online Data Entry
    Use our online data entry to input your DE9C data and e-file directly. Find out more.

  2. DE9C Data Upload
    Upload MMREF-1 or ICESA data file generated from your current payroll system to our website for processing. Find out more.

  3. DE9C E-File Software
    Download our DE9C E-File software for Windows desktop and open, import, and transfer your MMREF-1 or ICESA data file directly to the EDD. Find out more.

What is Form DE9C? (back to top)

Form DE9C is the quarterly wage and withholding report for California employers. The form is used to report wage and payroll tax withholding information for California employers. In a way, it is the California equivalent of the Form 941 except the detailed withholding for each employee is reported. The DE6 form replaces the requirement of W2 filing with California. A DE6 contains the State tax withholding information for all California employees.

When is Form DE9C due? (back to top)

Form DE9C is due at quarter end and becomes delinquent one month after that. It is on the same schedule as the form 941 for Federal.

How do I make a payment for Form DE9C? What is the DE88 payment coupon? (back to top)

Payment coupon DE88 is used to deposit the payroll tax withholding.

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