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About Us

C&S Technologies, Inc. ( dba eSmartPayroll) started to work with the IRS on income tax and payroll tax efile from 1998. Our innovative eSmartForms, Microsoft Wordฎ based electronic forms were used extensively for income tax calculation, paycheck calculation and electronic filing of income and payroll tax reporting. With the evolution of the Internet, our online payroll solutions have been used by tens of thousands of businesses to prepare and file their payroll returns. Our management team consists of seasoned business professionals who understand customer needs and the importance of truly valuable services to customers. We will be successful only if we provide good solutions to real problems at acceptable costs to customers.




C&S Technologies, Inc. established to provide software & consulting services.


C&S invited by the IRS to present the innovative eSmartForms at IRS headquarter in DC.


eSmartForms that look & print like paper 1040s & Schedules and calculate taxes where needed.


C&S passed all tests & received the IRS approval for efile of 1040s and Schedules online.


Provided online filing services at www.eSmartTax.com.


C&S was authorized to efile Form 941s, 1099s to the IRS and W2s to the SSA.


Released www.eSmartPayroll.com to provide payroll efile services.


Joined IRS Free File Alliance to provide free services for qualified 1040s filers.


Released www.SimplePayroll.com to provide online full-service payroll.


Liberty Tax Service acquired eSmartTax.com income tax online filing services.


Released www.PaycheckManager.com specifically for small businesses payroll management.


Released www.1099manager.com for large file upload, edit, print & efile of 1099 & corrections.


Released www.w2manager.com for large file upload, edit, print and efile of W2 and W2c.


Released www.eSmartPaycheck.com with full features and flexible functions & setups.


US Patent received from the patent office for the innovative PaycheckManagement system.


Offered 1099-R online preparation & filing service at www.1099manager.com.


Added contractor payment checks management and year end 1099-misc filings at www.1099manager.com


Released online 1095-C/1094C filings for ACA compliance reporting on www.1099manager.com


Managed Service at www.PaycheckManager.com that pays taxes and files payroll returns automatically.

Other Payroll Services

In addition to payroll efile to the IRS, SSA and States through eSmartPayroll, we have developed other simple yet powerful online paycheck calculation and payroll efile and management solutions.

Contact us with your specific process needs, support@eSmartPayroll.com. 408-935-8969

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