Form 941/944, Employer’s Quarterly/Annual Federal Tax Return

IRS Form 941 is due to the IRS in the month after a quarter has ended. The due dates are 4/30, 7/31, 10/31 and 1/31. IRS Form 944 is due only once a year before 1/31.

Employers are required to file either four quarterly form 941s or one form 944 every year, but not both. Employers shall file form 941s unless they were notified by the IRS to file form 944 only.

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An employer needs to enter a signature PIN to file form 941/944 or 940 to the IRS electronically. An employer can apply a “Business Taxpayer PIN” for free here. We will transmit the application to the IRS electronically and the IRS will process and mail a letter with a 10-digit PIN to the employer in a few weeks.

If you are a tax professionals filing for your clients, you can apply a “Reporting Agent PIN” from the IRS directly.

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Form 941 Online

Enter IRS Form 941 data online.

eSmart Payroll's online application allows users to quickly fill out returns online and submit them for e-file.

Form 941 is filed quarterly to the federal government for payroll taxes.


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Correction Form 941-X
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Multiple Form 941s in Batch

Upload IRS Form 941 data to file many forms.

Send the Form 941 information in .txt or .csv file to prepare and e-file a large number of Form 941s.


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The IRS will notify you by mail if you have to file the 944 instead of the 941. If you do not receive a letter from the IRS specifically requesting that you file a 944 then you must file the 941. If you have any questions regarding which form to file call the IRS at 1-866-255-0654


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Form 941 Payroll Filing Methods

  Online Upload Mapping
How to enter data? Enter data directly, completely online Prepare data in text or Excel, then map the coloumns online
Data e-filed to IRS? Yes Yes
E-file status? Online Online
How to print copies? Online, after checkout Download PDF copies after checkout
Cost? (e-file charge is the same for all) Based on number of forms, volume discount E-file charge and PDF file charge separately, print/mail options
Generally used for? One at a time, small number of forms (<30, e.g.) Hundreds or thousands of forms in a tab delimited text/excel file
Pros? Simple, direct, no software to download, file to upload, etc. Easy for many forms, print/mail service options
Cons? Manual data entry, not ideal for large number of records Need data in Excel, .txt, or .csv format
  Online Upload Mapping