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FAQs: eSmart Payroll Products and Downloads

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What is eSmartForm? (back to top)

eSmart forms look and print exactly like the paper forms except they are used with Microsoft Word and compute taxes for you. Data processing, verification, computations, transfer and other functions (eSmart tool icons) make eSmartForms the easiest and most efficient tool for individuals and organizations to exchange and collect information.

W-2 Image Sample

Why are eSmartForms special? (back to top)

eSmartForms are used with Microsoft WordŽ like regular Word documents. The software requires no installation and little to learn. In addition, many eSmartForms have built-in tax computing functions that compute taxes at the click of an Esmart toolbar icon. Some eSmartForms are designed with data import/export functions to enable easy data exchange and e-file to the IRS and SSA.

What is the difference between eSmartForms and PDF forms? (back to top)

eSmartForms are used with Microsoft Word and you can save, print, and process data for e-file. PDF forms are typically viewed and printed with Acrobat ReaderŽ. Some PDF forms are fill-in forms so you can prepare them on a computer but you will not be able to save the data you have entered. Other PDF forms can only be printed and filled out by hand.

How can I get eSmartForms? (back to top)

eSmartForms are published at www.eSmartPayroll.com. You can use the "search" function at the sites to find the specific forms you need. Some of the eSmartForms are free for download while others require a small fee so we can continue to develop more eSmartForms.

Why can't I open the eSmartForm file I downloaded with Microsoft Word? (back to top)

You need to unzip the files you downloaded before you can use it with Word. You will need WinZip or other de-compression software to unzip the forms.

After unzipping, where is the eSmartForm? (back to top)

The unzipped documents must be saved in a folder inside the eSmart folder on your computer. Typically, each unzipped folder contains the form, the program (macro) and instructions. The "eSmart" folder has to be created before you unzip any eSmartForm.

Before you start to use eSmartForms, the program (macro) must be copied into a new folder "templates". When you click the "save form" icon, a data folder, "pay07" will be created to store all saved forms and paystub information. If you click the "e-file" icon, an e-file data file will be created and stored in an "efile" folder inside the "pay07" folder.

Where is the eSmart toolbar? (back to top)

The eSmart toolbar may be missing due to the following reasons:

  1. You have saved the form into folders outside of eSmart folder and the form could not find the program (macro). You can move the form back into the eSmart folder and re-open it to activate the toolbar.
  2. The program (macro) is missing from the templates folder under eSmart root directory in C drive.
  3. You can also check under "View", "Toolbars" in Microsoft Word to activate the eSmart toolbar.
  4. Word has a default security level "high" that prevents any macro program from opening. You need to set the security level to "medium" so you have the choice to enable macros.

Why do I need to use the "Save Form" icon and save everything in the eSmart folder? (back to top)

Although eSmartForms look just like paper forms, they are actually software with data processing functions. Since we do not require you to have a database, we use folders to store the forms and data so the eSmartForms software can find and process the data as needed.

It is important to use the "Save Form" icon to save a copy of the form you have prepared in the designated folder. If you use the "Save" or "Save As" commands in Microsoft Word, you will move the forms to folders that the eSmartForms software cannot find, thus you will not see the toolbar the next time you open your form.

Another benefit of using the eSmart "Save Form" icon is that everything you do with eSmartForms is kept in one folder. Should you choose to remove everything, you just need to delete the "eSmart" folder and everything is deleted.

How do I set the "security level" in Word so I can use eSmart toolbar icons? (back to top)

Open the Word program, then click on the "Tools" pull down menu, select "Macro", then "Security", then choose "medium" security so you have the choice to enable Macros.

How do I use eSmartForms? Save data and e-file? (back to top)

After you have successfully unzipped the downloaded file, you can open the eSmartForm with Microsoft Word to use it right away. Use the eSmart toolbar icons to compute, save forms, import data and e-file when available. Always use the "save form" icon to save the completed forms to the designated folder so the program can find the data for e-file or data exchange. If you save the forms using the "save" or "save as" commands in Word into different folders, the program may not know where to find the data should you want to e-file or import/export data.

As you start to use eSmartForms, the program (macro) must be copied into a new templates folder under eSmart root directory in C drive. When you click the "save form" icon, a data folder, "pay07" will be created to store all saved forms and paycheck information. If you click the "e-file" icon, the e-file data file will be created and stored in the efile folder inside the "pay07" folder in C drive.

eSmart folder

\BlankForms folder

\Pay07 (all saved forms, data and e-file data files)

\Templates (collection of all macro programs)

If you use eSmartForms, you can click the "e-file" icon to create the e-file data file, then upload the data file through our website to file with the IRS and SSA.

Can I use eSmartForms with Macs? (back to top)

Yes, we have utilities for importing data into eSmart W2 from Excel worksheets and other formats of data file so you can print or create e-file data files without re-typing all your information.

Please contact C&S Technologies, Inc. for more information and templates, Support@eSmartPayroll.com.

We also provide full service for e-file if you send us your data file. We will convert the data into an e-file data file and transmit it to the SSA or IRS as required.

What are "Macros"? Why is there a message about viruses? (back to top)

Macros are the software program that enables the tax computation, save forms, e-file and other functions of eSmartForms. You need to "enable" macros to be able to use the functions of eSmartForms. Some people have created viruses using Macros and they spread easily. Unless you know the source of a Macro, you should be careful in enabling any Macro program.

Since eSmartForms are published by C&S technologies, you can trust the source and enable Macros when asked. For Word users, you need to set the "security level" to "medium" so you have the choice to enable Macros.

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